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    Guangzhou Tengtong Packing Machinery Co., Ltd is the production of mechanical vacuum packaging professional enterprises, the company has 10 years of professional services market, with the vacuum packaging machinery equipment dedication, forge domestic industry representatives present the most quality, service and market competitiveness, "Tang hand" vacuum packaging machine licence series products. The enterprise brings together all categories of professional and technical personnel, the commitment to research and development, design, manufacture of alternative vacuum packaging machines imported equipment capacity, covering sectors : food, pharmaceutical, chemical, marine products, agricultural products, metal products, electronic vacuum packaging machinery equipment.

    Since the inception of the company, has been adhering to the "technology first, quality-oriented" business ideas, create sophisticated quality vacuum packaging machinery products, products year warranty and lifetime maintenance services; To provide staff training, technical advice, and ensure that pre-sale, sale, after-sale one-stop services, and long-term supply of equipment spare parts, and welcomes new and old users to discuss ordering.
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Adress: Guangzhou road south 1203 of the offer(The memorial arch on the south ShangChongcun)    Zip code:510300
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